We are very excited to announce the return of porchetta to Bermondsey this week. This herby, flavoursome slow-roasted pork is popular throughout Italy, but ours is made by Luciano and Eugenio Caprini of Macelleria Caprini in Negrar in Veneto. The brothers have been making it for over forty years, with people coming from miles around to buy it fresh.

The brothers slaughter up to 150 pigs a year, when the animals are 18 months old. They are fed on polenta, which is first cooked to help them digest it and thus preserves the excellent quality of their fat. This in turn makes the lean more delicious, although much of the fat will be lost during the long, slow cooking process.

Laid out flat, the loin and belly are covered with rosemary, fennel, garlic, coriander and bay.  Copious amounts of both fine and coarse salt are added at this stage too, since the meat will absorb all of the former and take only what is needed of the latter. The meat is then rolled and roasted.

Porchetta is an ultimate indulgence, so while it goes well with a potato salad and a dish of verdure gratinate for lunch, it is even better in a polenta sandwich….

Whole porchetta can be carved by hand or with a domestic slicer. We sell them online here.