• Ventricina

Spiced salumi from Abruzzo. Free range.

This large salume is deep red in colour, with a particular and wonderful taste and texture. Luigi di Lello hand cuts pieces of loin, shoulder and ham, and mixes them with spices including chilli and fennel. He uses a similar mix to make his smaller Salsiccia Vastese as well. Luigi stuffs the pieces into a pig’s bladder, which gives the ventricina a rugby ball shape. This is covered in lard to prevent it from drying out too much, and aged for 8-9 months. The individual pieces retain their characteristics, and together make a chewy, meaty, spicy salume.

Because the pieces are so large, ventricina can be pulled apart by hand and eaten in chunks. However, it is generally cut with a knife and served in slices. Ventricina's spiciness makes a lovely contrast with products like Prosciutto Cotto and Jesus du Pays Basque.

1 ventricina, minimum weight 1kg.

Price: £45.00


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