Jesus Du Pays Basque

  • Jesus Du Pays Basque

Rare Breed Salami With Rum And Peppercorns. Free Range.

This traditional salame is made from rare breed Basque pigs, and encased in the caecum, which gives it its distinctive shape.

Pierre cures his Jesus salami longer - to three months - just for us: we love the mature flavour that comes with time and natural fermentation. It also makes the texture deliciously moist and tender.

Like Salame Toscano and Salame della Rosa, Jesus is a classic salame. For contrast, try it with smoky Mortandela.

*To purchase half a salame (minimum weight 370g) for £15, select Quantity '1' below.

*To purchase a full salame (minimum weight 740g) for £25, select Quantity '2'. The discount will be made automatically.

Price: £16.50


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