• Nduja

Spicy, rare breed salumi from Calabria. Free range.

From the French ‘andouille’, which was introduced to Calabria by the Angevins in the 1200s, nduja has become one of the region’s most well-known products. Made with peperoncino piccante chillies, grown by Tonino Sansone on his own farm, this nduja is made with back fat and 20% lean meat from the pig’s head (though not the cheeks, which are used for guanciale). It is aged for at least three months.

Nduja is a spicy, soft salame that is increasingly seen on restaurant menus. Like Chorizo, it gives a rich, porky heat to grilled or barbecued meat or fish, sauces and stews; but Tonino who makes it likes it best spread on bread for breakfast. He also makes a fiery Salsiccia Piccante using the same chillies.

Shelf life: 2 months from opening. Keep wrapped in wax paper and inside a food bag in the fridge. This will protect it from the very dry cold of the fridge.

1 salame, minimum weight 350g.

Price: £13.50


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