Prosciutto Cotto

  • Prosciutto Cotto

Salumi from an award winning salumificio in Piedmont. Free range.

The Cassettas cook their hams for us to order. Placed overnight in a bain marie, the prosciutto cotto is sent to us 24 hours later, really fresh. Because the large white pigs roam freely, their hams are large and flavoursome. There is hardly any saltpetre in this product, so it can discolour quickly.

This cooked ham, like Porchetta, is perfect for picnics and sandwiches. It goes well with cheeses including Brebis Fermier, and as a counterpoint to strongly flavoured products such as Ventricina.

This is a large salume. To make the most of this product, we recommend using a domestic slicer.

1 ham, minimum weight 2kg.

Price: £68.00


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