The heart of the ham, aged for up to 30 months in Emilia Romagna's Po valley.

Considered Italy's finest salume, Culatello di Zibello is made in difficult conditions that produce a wonderfully fudgy, savoury ham. Unusually, our culatello is aged for as long as 30 months, which is possible because of our producer's location right on the foggy banks of the river Po, and his immaculate eye for detail. Although it is made in Emilia Romagna like Prosciutto di Parma, it is far smaller and richer than its (also delicious) neighbour.

Culatello is a pleasure all by itself, though in Emilia Romagna it may also be served with Parmesan.

This deboned ham has a beautiful appearance and a deep flavour, and is perfect for a celebration. To make the most of this product, we recommend using a domestic slicer.

Half a Culatello, minimum weight 2.5kg.

Price: £300.00


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