• Porchetta

Salumi from the Valpolicella hills in the Veneto.

Eugenio Caprini has been making porchetta for 40 years, and it attracts customers from miles around the Caprinis’ shop. Porchetta is made across Italy, but according to the Venetian style Eugenio rolls just the belly and loin of the pig, with fennel, bay, garlic, rosemary, coriander seeds and salt, then slow roasts it. Smaller and leaner than the Lazio-style whole rolled pig, it is bursting with herbs and absolutely delicious.

Like Prosciutto Cotto, Porchetta is delicious by itself but also makes really good sandwiches. Try it with nutty Brebis Fermier cheese, or another herby salume such as Lombo.

This is a large salume. It can be hand carved, but to make the most of this product we recommend using a domestic slicer.

1 porchetta, minimum weight 2kg.

Price: £68.00


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