Lardo di Colonnata

  • Lardo di Colonnata

Traditional salume from the hills of Colonnata.

Made with the thick, tender fat from the pig's back, which is layered with salt and spices and aged in marble tanks, lardo is creamy, satisfying and delicious. This salume is much fattier than many in the UK are used to seeing, but it tastes wonderful melting into hot toast, on top of pizzas, or paired in cooking with leaner meats, such as roast chicken.

For those who feel daunted by so much fat, Lombo strikes a more even balance with lean. Leaner salumi, such as Cacciatorino al Barolo and Truffle Salame also go well next to Lardo.

This is a large salume. It can be carved by hand, but to make the most of this product we recommend using a domestic slicer.

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*To purchase a full Lardo (minimum weight 1.5kg) for £52.50, select Quantity '2'. The discount will be made automatically.

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