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New Season Olive Oil Is Here

New Season Olive Oil Is Here

From his beautiful, 17th century farmhouse Giacomo Santoleri farms lentils and grains and a small production of oil from his 600 olive trees. The trees are a mix of Leccino, Gentile di Chieti and Intosso varieties and they grow on the rocky, limestone Caprafico Plain, at the foot of the Maiella massif in Abruzzo.

From Caprafico in Abruzzo

A cold, wet May when the trees were in flower means that he's only got 1400 bottles of it this year (2/3rds of his usual crop) but the oil is excellent; a beautiful green and a good balance of spice and bitter with strong grassy flavours, it is considered among the best in Italy. On Monday 100 bottles of it arrived and are now available to buy online. Giacomo recommends trying it on his emmer and barley Ma'Kaira pasta with just some grated pecorino or parmesan and black pepper. A super food supper if ever there was one

Paolo Mencarelli's Fig Lonzino & Pecorino Magnifico

In Le Marche the late summer glut of figs has dried and is now being mixed with Mistrà (the local aniseed liqueur), almonds, walnuts, star anise and cooked grape must, to make lonzino di fico. The sweet, chewy paste is rolled up in fig leaves to be eaten throughout the winter and ours have just arrived ready for your Christmas cheeseboards. We'll be serving it with Pecorino Magnifico from Emilio Spada, also in Le Marche. This year old ewe's milk cheese is available for a few months over the winter and is always a best seller. The whole wheels weigh a massive 13kg so the cheese remains soft and sweet despite its long ageing
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