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Jambon du Noir de Bigorre. Minimum Weight 100g Sliced

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The rare breed Noir de Bigorre pig can be bred in Haute Pyrenees, Haute Garonne and the Gers regions. They are fed barley, wheat and rye but year round foraging (they are good walkers) for acorns, beech and chestnuts, roots and berries gives their meat a deep red colour and distinctive taste. Very similar to Spanish Pata Negra ham, it is high in polyunsaturated fat, super tender and with a low melting point
They are slaughtered at 14-16 months and the hams are cured by Jean and Nadine Phalip who, together with their 2 sons Jean Gael and Jean Ronan, have been curing Noir de Bigorre and Bayonne hams since 1997 just outside of Lourdes
Here, hot air from Spain hits the Pyrenees then descends into France colder and drier. This mixes with more humid air off the Atlantic making perfect curing conditions. The hams are aged for 24 months
100g Sliced and Vacuum Packed