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Organic Khorasan Fusilli Pasta (500g)

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Increased focus on health means that ancient grains are having a resurgence in Italy. Saragolla Khorasan is richer in protein by 30-40% than common wheat, higher in amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is much lower in gluten and, as it has never been hybridised, the gluten structure is more simple and easier to digest. The grains from this hardy, 1.8m tall plant are stone milled. Every wheat grain is made up of three components: the fibrous, nutritious bran; the aromatic germ (the adult plant embryo); and the starch pocket. Today, those first two parts are largely lost to our diets because modern steel roller milling strips the endosperm of its bran and germ in pursuit of flour with a long shelf life and without the essential oils that would turn it rancid. Even modern wholewheat flours are recomposed; their bran and germ removed, sterilised and then added back. Stone milled flour is golden and pungent and needs to be used much more quickly so Dino and Bruno only mill when a batch of pasta is about to be made. Unlike most modern flours, it must be used immediately, just like any other plant we'd harvest from a field.