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Sliced 30 month Parma Ham

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The prosciuttificio that we work with are based in Lesignano de' Bagni, 25kms from Parma. Unusually they stop production from January to April when the quality of the meat changes, as the pigs' hormones surge with the arrival of spring. The rest of the year the family grind their own salt to achieve the exact texture for the cure, and - rather than salt the hams to a standard formula, as is common practice - will assess and salt each ham individually. They select the fresh hams in person too, from three farms, paying extra to have the first choice. The hams have their final, long ageing in brick curing rooms where wooden hanging rails, the current of sweet mountain air and temperatures up to 18C encourage enzymes and thus flavour development. These, and so many other little factors, have been lost in a period of mass food production but are what give our ham such an amazing flavour. 


We will slice and vacuum pack the prosciutto. It will last a minimum of 2 weeks unopened and 3 days once opened 

Pork, salt