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Sliced Prosciutto di Passamonti - 24 Months Old. 100g minimum

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 The Passamonti family's melt in the mouth prosciutto is the pinnacle of their production and is aged for 2 years. Compared to Parma Ham the flavour is more insaporito - aromatic and really bursting with flavour
Candido's ham is great on a salumi board, wrapped round radicchio or paired with pecorino and parmesan. Over the winter we often serve it with Torta Fritta or Gnoccho Fritto, little pockets of shallow fried dough that, when hot and salty, are an irresistible accompaniment to all salumi. They are traditionally from Emilia and the recipe below is from Lynne Rossetto Kasper's book 'The Splendid Table - Recipes from Emilia Romagna'
We will slice and vacuum pack Candido's prosciutto. It will last a minimum of 2 weeks unopened and 3 days once opened