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Ricotta Salata Cheese (200g Minimum)

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This ricotta, the most Sicilian of grating cheeses, is only made over winter and spring when the meadows offer lush, herb filled pasture and the cooler air is perfect for ageing. The Agostino family make ours and sell it from their butchers shop in Mirto

It is made from full-fat, raw cow’s milk, sometimes with the addition of goat’s or sheep’s milk, and is curdled with lamb or kid rennet before being put in to moulds. After a couple of days it spends 48 hours in a brine bath and is then aged for 3 months. The finished cheese is crumbly and salty and fabulous in salads and savoury tarts, on pasta and grilled vegetables

Ingredients: Unpasteurised cow's milk, traditional rennet, salt

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