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We are a Bermondsey-based team sourcing salumi and cheese from a network of small producers across Italy. Since we started in 2005 we have grown from a stall at Borough Market to supplying some of the best restaurants and food shops both in and outside of London. Read on to find out more about who we are, how we operate and the people we work with...

The idea is simple - to find the very best producers in Italy. We source meticulously, finding people who not only make the best tasting ham and cheese but who also work with rich primary ingredients, traditional methods, local and family history to create the kind of cheese, salumi and Italian staples that we want to eat.

The people we work with are remarkable and we visit them regularly to talk and eat, lucky enough to be welcomed into their kitchens and communities and to learn some of the magic behind their art.

Back in London there are 7 of us working at our wholesale maturing rooms in a Victorian railway arch in Bermondsey. The cool, damp brickwork provides the perfect conditions for all our products and an ideal space for the retail and tasting events that we run during the year.


When it comes to sustainability, we look to America chef Dan Barber and his essential definition: that sustainable practice is something that will still be here in 100 years. Sustainable practice does not deplete resources, but nurtures resources and ensures their longevity. We work with producers who are ethical custodians of tradition and environment, and by supporting them, we give strength to their business, make their practice sustainable, profitable and give it future.

The Bermondsey Bunch

Ham and Cheese Co owner Alison is smiling as she lifts a new born lamb


Ham and Cheese Co owner Eliott smiling as he chats with an artisan cheese maker






Angelo, Cervicati

Anna and Silvana Sansone, Calabria

Carlo Pieri, Tuscany

Basque and Tuscan salami rails

Jean Francois Nouqueret, High Pyrenees

Tonino Sansone, Calabria

Maxime Correard, Nyons, Provence

Fausto Guadagni, Colonnata, Tuscany

Umberto Avanzini, Lesignano de Bagni