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Lombo (2 sizes)

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The loin of pork that Carlo Pieri rolls in black pepper and fennel and then cures for 4 months. It is hung in paper to prevent it from drying out too fast as there is little fat around the outside. Any white moulds that develop under the paper should be brushed off; they are all good moulds - mainly leuconostocs and lactobacilli - and an important part of the natural curing process. Lombo is delicious served with a Panzanella or pasta salad for a simple weekday supper  
Made in Tuscany. This salume will arrive wrapped in paper and should be eaten within 3 -4 weeks. Store in the fridge unless you have a suitable cellar at 11-14C and 75-80% humidity.  NET WEIGHT: Half approx 750g, Whole approx 1.5kg 
Pork, salt, sugar, herbs and spices, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), saltpetre
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