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Passata di Pomodoro

Passata di Pomodoro

Our passata comes from Sabina and Michele at San Cesareo in Fano. Their lovely old farmhouse, hidden among the trees in the photo, has a kitchen where the tomatoes are taken within an hour of picking. There, they are washed, plunged into boiling water, drained and then put through a mill to separate the skins. The passata is bottled either with or without whole Datterini tomatoes.

Our Passata Is Here!

Less than 2 of the farm's 12 hectares are planted with tomatoes in an important 3 year cycle of crop rotation that includes pulses and wheat. The flavour and nutritional quality of their tomatoes - high in vitamins A, C and E, minerals such as potassium and calcium and the natural plant pigment lycopene (a powerful antioxidant) - are due largely to the soil and it is by changing crops annually that they keep their quality so high. As they are certified organic they also use crop rotation as a natural way of controlling pests. It takes 2.5kgs of tomatoes to make 700ml of passata; that's why it's so incredibly thick and sweet.

And for your pizza... passata with onion & basil

If there's one thing we learnt during lockdown it's how much we all like pizza. As our horizons shrank, our conversations about pizza toppings grew and this week we got our first bottles of passata with onion and basil that is already so thick and tasty it can go straight onto your base

Our favourite toppings: chef Pamela Yung is using our mortadella on her Porco Rosso pizza at the ASAP Pizza popup and you can never go wrong with mortadella. On anything. Try our new range of sustainable anchovies from Calabria with Salina capers and Nyons olives for the perfect Pizza Puttanesca Text

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