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Pancetta from Southern Tuscany

Pancetta from Southern Tuscany


Pancetta from the Cinta Senese Pig

Brothers Riccardo, Leonardo and Valerio Rosati breed black Cinta Senese pigs on their farm just outside of Chianciano in southern Tuscany. They produce wine, olive oil and excellent salumi from pigs living free range in mixed Mediterranean woodland. Foraging for nuts, roots and berries plays an important part in the diet of these pigs and the effect of this, combined with their genetics, results in their fat being largely unsaturated and high in healthy Omega 3 fatty acids.

We get their fennel salami, Tuscan salami and amazing pancetta stesa. Normally a cooking staple, this Cinta Senese pancetta is incredibly tender and can be eaten just like prosciutto. The double bonds that form the structure of polyunsaturated fats make for this very soft fat with a really low melting point; all you need is a sharp knife and some hot toast for the perfect aperitivo nibble. We've been selling it wholesale but have just put it online as we think it's the best pancetta stesa we've ever had

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