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  • Pancetta from Southern Tuscany

    Pancetta from Southern Tuscany

    Brothers Riccardo, Leonardo and Valerio Rosati breed black Cinta Senese pigs on their farm just outside of Chianciano in southern Tuscany. They produce wine, olive oil and excellent salumi from pigs living free range in mixed Mediterranean woodland.
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  • New Season Intosso Oil and Giardiniera From Malò

    New Season Intosso Oil and Giardiniera From Malò

    Sweet and Sour Pickles The Italian Way - Giardiniera is a mix of different vegetables and we have chosen some of our favourites to sell online; try the vinegar pickles as an antipasto with cheese or salumi. New Season Monocultivar Intosso Oil from Caprafico - the Intosso olive tree is found exclusively in the foothills of the Maiella mountain range of Abruzzo.
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  • Passata di Pomodoro

    Passata di Pomodoro

    On Monday our new season passata finally arrived from Sabina and Michele at San Cesareo in Fano. Their lovely old farmhouse, hidden among the trees in the photo, has a kitchen where the tomatoes are taken within an hour of picking. There, they are washed, plunged into boiling water, drained and then put through a mill to separate the skins. The passata is bottled either with or without whole Datterini tomatoes.
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  • A True Story Of The Fake Black Olive

    A True Story Of The Fake Black Olive

    This is the true story of the fake black olive: the olive that looks out at us from the top of your pizza; from the supermarket shelf, the olive with the texture of a rubber tyre and which sometimes, will taste of soap. Or perhaps we should say: the former olive. Because these olives are finally, at the end of their entirely disenchanting treatment process, effectively dead.
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