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  • Cheese And Salumi Care

    Cheese And Salumi Care

    Our products are living products. Today, many salumi are ‘aged’ artificially in stainless-steel clad cold-rooms. Our salumi and cheese are aged naturally, drawing on the rich microbial life of unique environments during their slow, alchemical transformation so looking after them...

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  • Sustainability


    When it comes to sustainability, we look to America chef Dan Barber and his essential definition: that sustainable practice is something that will still be here in 100 years. Sustainable practice does not deplete resources, but nurtures resources and ensures...

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  • Pecorino From The Pit

    Pecorino From The Pit

    PRESERVATION can mean many things, and may take multiple forms. But perhaps one of its most curious instances is found in the 11th century convent which houses the relics of Saint Valentine, in the medieval village of Sassocorvaro. Pecorino Di...

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  • The Pasta Plate

    The Pasta Plate

    THE PASTA PLATE Unlike bread, we don’t tend to overthink pasta. If our daily bread is increasingly less run of the mill, more sourdough, long fermented, high-hydration and stoneground, pasta has remained largely just flour and water and eggs. In...

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