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Aldo Zivieri, Emilia. Mortadella

Aldo Zivieri, Bologna
In the 13th century, over one quarter of the Bolognese city population were employed making mortadella at roughly 280 salumerie. Now, the true artisans of mortadella number on a single hand. For 60 years the most famous names were Ennio Pasquini & Roberto Brusiani and for years we tried to buy from them but they didn’t export and all the other producers we met were disappointingly industrial. Until we met Aldo Zivieri.
The Zivieri family has 50 hectares of woodland around Castle del Casio in the Bologna Apennines where they raise rare breed Mora Romagnola pigs. They also have a small EU regulated abattoir. In 2015, they worked with Paquini & Brusiani to become the first producers of a rare breed mortadella and when Ennio Pasquini passed away in 2017 Aldo was able to fill the enormous gap left by his death. In a world of industrial mortadella made from the reconstituted meat of unhappy pigs Aldo's mortadella is a wonderful thing
  • Mortadella (Whole 2.3kg)


    Aldo Zivieri's mortadella starts with shoulders of pork that are cubed and mixed with garlic, salt and spices then minced through increasingly fine...

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