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24 Month Parmesan Cheese (3 sizes)


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For our first 3 years in business we sold only Parmesan. Finding the very best of all 400 dairies took a lot of trips to Italy and fairly constant chunks of Parmesan on the dinner table at home. We're not complaining; the dairy that we work with makes the most amazing cheese. They are a cooperative outside of Parma, but, unusually, they keep all the milks separate and make cheese from the different milks in different cauldrons in order to keep the unique characteristics of each herd. Some produce cheeses that are soft and sweet, others more spicy or friable. Even after 2 years our favourite remains soft and sweet and delicious. Excellent as a table cheese or grated. 

NET WEIGHT: Small approx 240g, Medium approx 480g, Large approx 1kg


Unpasteurised cow's milk, traditional rennet, salt

We send out online orders once a month on the last Wednesday of each month.