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Mario Bosio Cardinale, Lombardy. Bresaola and Carne Salata

Lanzada, Sondrio.
Mario who makes our bresaola and carne salata was a lawyer in Milan for 31 years before jacking it all in and buying the empty butchers shop in Lanzada, a tiny village in the Lombardy Alps. He spent the next few years carefully learning the trade from and old salumaio and is now one of the few remaining artisan producers of bresaola in northern Italy
For his weekly production of 70 bresaole and carne salate (DOC producer Rigamonti make 40,000 a week) Mario uses mature, grass fed beef from either France or Italy. After being salted and spiced the carne salata are smoked and eaten fresh while the bresaole go on to be mould ripened for 2 months. When the weather is right they are wheeled outside every day to profit from the sweet mountain air