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Fausto Guadagni, Northern Tuscany. Lardo di Colonnata

Colonnata, Carrara.

Fausto Guadagni, who makes our sweet, fragrant Lardo di Colonnata, has it in his blood. It was his parents who first sold their lardo to the public in 1949 and when, in the 50’s, the road to Colonnata was concreted, the reputation of their lardo quickly grew. Lardo is the protective layer of fat from the pig’s back. When cured it has a very particular texture: creamy and soft, it slices like butter and has an incredible, aromatic flavour. This cut of fat is cured all over Italy in fridges and with artificial preservatives but the lardo from Colonnata is the most famous. Carrara marble has been mined in Colonnata since Roman times and the porous, temperature regulating marble is an important ingredient; he slabs of fat, layered with salt, pepper, rosemary, sage and a mixture of spices, are put into marble tanks where they stay for 10 months and the unique microbiome of each marble tank (they are never sanitised) adds its own character to the lardo inside.