Mauro and Chiara Casetta, Piedmont. Salami and Prosciutto Cotto

Ferrere, Asti.
Piedmont takes its food and wine very seriously, being the home of the white truffle and also some of the most famous red wines in Italy. Mauro and Chiara Casetta, the brother and sister team who make our Piedmontese salumi use both in three of our favourite salami; salame al tartufo (truffle), salame al Barolo and salame al Barbaresco. Their free range prosciutto cotto is delicious.
At their small production kitchen near Asti they do everything; there is a small abattoir where they slaughter on average 8 pigs a week, kitchens, curing rooms and a small shop. Their pigs live in the fields that surround these buildings and they use plants to filter the waste. They are working towards carbon neutrality through ground source heat pumps and energy recapture.

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