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Arturo Locatelli and Antonio Arrigoni, Lombardy. Taleggio

Arturo Locatelli, Val Taleggio
Taleggio started life hundreds of years ago as a type of Stracchino. Stracchino was the name given to all cheeses made from cows on their September journey back from the rich mountain pastures of the high Alps. This journey, the transhumance, took many days and during it the cows, tired from the long walk, gave only a small quantity of milk. Stracchino (from stracchi meaning tired) was a small, simple cheese that could be made easily en route and without having to heat the milk. One of these cheeses made in the Val Taleggio gained renown and by the start of the 20th century all types of stracchino in this area became grouped under the name Taleggio. Cooperativo Agricola Valtaleggio is one of only 2 dairies that still use unpasteurised milk and the only dairy left in the Taleggio Valley in the Orobic Alps where they are trying to sustain the old traditions of cheese making there using milk from the Brun Alpina cow.