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Carlo Pieri, Southern Tuscany. Finocchiona, Lombo, Pancetta, Salame


Carlo Pieri, Sant'Angelo Scalo. Montalcino

Carlo Pieri is a Tuscan butcher who, for the last 25 years, has had a small shop in Sant Angelo Scalo. He makes his range of salumi using meat from his 200 large white pigs. He is proud of the herd: they are raised extensively, fed on cereals from his smallholding and slaughtered (by him) in the local abattoir that Carlo has invested money in to have reopened, ensuring his animals don’t have a stressful journey at the end of their lives. Carlo works 4 of these pigs a week. Working with Carlo is his wife Milva who runs the shop, daughter Eleonora who runs the smallholding and his dad who looks after the pigs. It is his octogenarian mum who picks ALL the wild fennel seeds and fennel pollen that season Carlo’s delicious salumi. Fennel has become synonymous with Tuscan cooking, a tradition that dates back to a time when imported black pepper was too expensive a spice and fennel was a cheap, perfumed alternative. Tuscan cooking remains the simplest in Italy but it is not poor. What makes it so good is the presence of wine, olive oil, and fresh herbs such as basil, sage and rosemary. Carlo uses all these things with abundance in his tiny, handmade production 

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