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Roasted Delica Pumpkin with Pecorino and Parma Ham


Ingredients: 500g Delica Pumpkin, 70g 28 month Parma Ham, 50g Pecorino, Small Bunch of Sage, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Delica Pumpkins come from Lombardy and have an intense, buttery flavour. After picking they are cured in rooms heated with wood burning stoves to increase their sweetness and in this recipe the combinations of sweet pumpkin, salty cheese and umami-filled ham are delicious. You can find them on Ocado (at huge expense!) but they're worth searching out; they go so well with our Speck Trentino, Ricotta Salata or Gorgonzola Dolce too for a real autumnal treat
This is such a simple recipe; the quantities I have given will feed 2 people but scale it up to feed a family. 
Wash your pumpkin and chop into chunks or wedges. Don't bother to peel it; the skin of the Delica is tender and full of goodness. Toss the pieces in oil (no need for extra virgin at this point) and season with plenty of salt then roast at 200C for 40 minutes. Some 10 minutes before the end add the sage leaves. When ready the pumpkin should be nicely browned and the sage leaves crisp and aromatic. 
Spoon the pumpkin onto a plate and check the seasoning. Top with shavings of pecorino and parma ham then finish off with your favourite olive oil and serve with a green salad for one of our favourite ham & cheese lunches