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Spaghetti di Farro Pasta. 500g

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*The photo is of Giacomo's linguine but we will be sending out his spaghetti. Same box and quantity but spaghetti has a more rounded shape than linguine*
Giacomo Santoleri grows farro (emmer wheat) and barley on the Caprafico plain in Abruzzo. Farro is an ancient grain that comes from a tall, hardy plant grown without the need for chemical fertilisers and herbicides. Emmer wheat is in the same family as spelt but the grains are smaller and nuttier. It is more similar to the rare einkorn wheat. After harvesting the grains are stone ground and made into pasta. Farro gives a high-protein, nutty pasta that is rich in anti-oxidants, iron, magnesium and zinc and easy to digest. 

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