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Ma'Kaira Farro and Barley Linguine Pasta (500g)

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Giacomo Santoleri grows farro (emmer wheat) and barley on the Caprafico plain in Abruzzo. These ancient grains are tall and hardy and grow without the need for chemical fertilisers and herbicides. After harvesting they are stone ground and made into pasta from 90% farro and 10% barley flour. This is not a health food for the gluten intolerant but the most delicious, high-protein, nutty pasta that is rich in anti-oxidants, iron, magnesium and zinc and easy to digest. 
Giacomo recommends trying it first with just some parmesan or pesto and olive oil to recognise the difference in taste and texture. Be careful how you cook it - keep it al dente (just 6 minutes for the linguine) to retain all the goodness