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Speck Trentino Ham (Half. 1.2kg)

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Massimo and Orietta Corrà have a butchers shop in the village of Corredo 900ms up in the alpine Val di Non. He doesn't have his own pigs but buys them from a farmer in Cles. They are reared extensively just for him, only slaughtered at 14-16 months old.
Massimo's speck is the ham that is deboned and opened up like a book. The hams spend 40 days in a salt and spice cure - but with no nitrites or nitrates - and are then smoked overnight using beech or chestnut mixed with aromatic  juniper berries. The speck are then aged for 11-12 months. The gentle smoke and long, slow ageing give depth and complexity. Try it with a fennel and carrot slaw in the autumn, on fresh asparagus in the spring. Sliced speck will be vacuum packed
Pork, salt, pepper, juniper, chilli, coriander, bay, nutmeg, cinnamon, garlic, star anise
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