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Bresaola Cured Beef (Whole 1.4kg)

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The best bresaola in Italy is made from the Punta d'Anca, the tender salmon cut in English or eye of the silverside. Mario rubs them with a mix of salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and juniper every day for a week and then air cures for 2 months. When the weather is right they are wheeled outside to profit from the sweet Alpine air
For his weekly production of 70 bresaole (DOC producer Rigamonti make 40,000) Mario uses mature, grass fed beef from either France or Germany. Before mad cow disease a lot of bresaola producers bought English beef; now, however, the majority is made with frozen beef from South America. Mario's meat is so good and his bresaole are lean and tender with a light, musky taste that needs nothing more than a bit a lemon juice and olive oil to serve. Parmesan shavings and a few leaves of rocket never go amiss either.
Beef, salt, sugar, spices, natural seasonings, preservatives E250 & E251