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Paolo Mencarelli, Le Marche. Fig Salami

Castelplanio, Ancona.

In Le Marche the Lonzino di Fico is the traditional way of preserving the glut of late summer figs to last throughout the winter. They are made from Dottati or, for the Slow Food version, Brogiotti figs - now hard to find because the trees are not very productive and their fruits are very delicate. Once dried the figs are mixed with Mistrà (a local aniseed liqueur), almonds, walnuts, star anise and Sapa, a cooked grape must. The paste is then wrapped in fig leaves and hand tied with thread to be eaten throughout the winter with cheese or just on their own. Our fig salami are made by chocolatier Paolo Mencarelli at his tiny workshop in Castelplanio

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