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Farro Emmer Wheat Grains (500g)

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Italian farro is often referred to as spelt but is a distinct species properly called emmer. Farro was the favoured cereal of the ancient romans who boiled it in water and mixed it with dried beans
Now it is a relict crop in some mountainous areas of europe. In Tuscany and Abruzzo emmer cultivation is established and even expanding but this demand for it means that more common spelt (triticum spelta) is often miss-sold as emmer (triticum dicoccon). Our farro takes only 20 minutes to cook and its wonderful nutty flavour is great in a soup or stew or cold in salads. Ours is grown by Luigi di Lello who makes our ventricina and salsicce in Abruzzo. It is certified organic in Italy but packed by us in our - non organic - London unit
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