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Guanciale (300g Minimum)

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Guanciale is the cured cheek and is used a lot in Italian cooking instead of pancetta but what a lot of people don't know is how delicious it is to eat on its own. On top of bruschetta or as part of a salumi board, really good guanciale is tender and full of flavour. We get a guanciale from a lot of our suppliers but the one we sell online is from Salumeria Luiset in Piedmont. Piedmont is NOT a region famed for its guanciale (think Lazio and the town of Amatrice in particular) but Mauro and Chiara Casetta use cheeks from their own pigs, rub them with sea salt, black pepper, garlic and rosemary then age them for 6 months and it is delicious! The price is for approx 1/3 of a guanciale. Made in Piedmont. 
 This guanciale will arrive vacuum packed and should be eaten within 2-3 weeks of opening. Store in the fridge 
Pork, salt, honey, black pepper, spices, salpetre