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Ventricina Salami (3 sizes)

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A unique salami made from big, hand cut pieces of loin, shoulder and ham mixed with chilli (the spice is warm rather than hot) and fennel seeds. Hard to slice with a machine it is usually cut with a knife or eaten in chunks pulled from the salami. It is also added to tomato based pasta sauces or chopped and roasted with Italian style potatoes. We stir it into lentils and put an egg on the top. Made in Abruzzo by Luigi di Lello from free range, large white pigs, it is coated with lard during the long, slow ageing to stop it drying out
This salami will arrive vacuum packed. Store in the fridge and eat within 3-4 weeks of opening.  NET WEIGHT: Chunk approx 200g, Half approx 400g, Large approx 800kg
Pork, salt, chilli, spices (fennel)
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